Dinero Ceramics 

Dinero started in the year 2009, has been able to establish itself as one of the leading ceramics traders within a short period of time. Our founder, Mr.Manish Kumar, a mechanical engineer by qualification, has worked in software industry for 5 years. He first started the business with the wholesale of Greta wall tiles throughout Bangalore and then grew as a distributor for various other brands after starting the retail outlet in 2012.
We supply a wide range of wall tiles, vitrified floor tiles, industrial parking floor tiles, kitchen sinks, Ramco tile adhesive, glass blocks amongst others. Regular follow up is maintained with the architects, civil contractors and individual house owners so that there is a complete understanding of the requirements. The professionals have been able to provide quality services as per the requirements of the clients.
Dinero manages a perfect sync with the market demand and the prices of the products. The sophisticated ceramic products provide an upscale and elite feel to any home, office or hotel walls. We have emerged as one of the top wholesalers for ceramic and vitrified tiles, sanitaryware and bathroom accessories to a wide range of market.
Dinero has the reputation of trading beautifully embellished and high quality products which can cater to all the tastes and design aesthetics of the customer.


Dinero Ceramics Trading Company

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